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We design websites following our Coding Bull Framework to get more of your website visitors to contact you instead of just browse & leave. This way, you get more leads, more revenue, and more profit! Watch the video below to see what Coding Bull Framework is about ⬇️⬇️⬇️



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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Coding Bull Framework?
From the 2,000,000 users that we've studied since 2015, we have gathered a set of design principles and design elements that we have to apply to web designs to help your visitors easily understand what you have to offer and why you are a better choice over your competitors.

If you are interested to see how we study users on the websites designed by us, we use a software called Hotjar, you can learn more by watching this video: Intro to Hotjar... in 60 seconds
Will the web design be mobile and tablet friendly?
All our professional website designs include a mobile design and a tablet design, which means your website will display on all devices, from smartphones to tablets to computers, perfectly. With a responsive design, you don’t have to worry about creating a designated “mobile website.” It’s simple and hassle-free. Have a look at this example: Copy Smart Desktop Homepage Design, Copy Smart Tablet Homepage Design, Copy Smart Mobile Homepage Design.
Will you be able to edit the website after it is launched?
Yes, you will. Once the website is launched and the conversion rate has been proven. We will add you to the backend of the website and send you tutorial videos on how to edit the website. Of course, if you don't want to deal with the website at all, you can have us to update the website for you at a discounted hourly rate.



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My heros! Simon and Justin are not only amazing to work with but they go above and beyond to assist you. I know nothing about the tech side of my business and when my site got hacked and they were the ones to help me out. They found hidden issues that went undetected from other tech companies and was able to completely clean out my website in record time. My site is running faster and more efficiently with The Coding Bull. Look no further!

We just finished our second website with The Coding Bull. Both times we've had a great experience with The Coding Bull team, they're very professional and friendly, understand what you want through the right series of questions, and deliver a high quality product. It doesn't stop there, they are extremely accommodating and respond quickly to any corrections that need to be done. We've decided to do 2 more websites with them after this last one. I'd highly recommend using The Coding Bull, I can guarantee you'll get what you want and more. Thank you Taylorr and team!

The Coding Bull was pivotal in creating my company's hallmark technology - littlefleets. From design to implementation, they did it all. They built my company a landing page, and developed an iPhone, Android and web app hosted on the clouds. Justin also helped me immensely with key business decisions for the app. Absolutely amazing. I will be working with The Coding Bull for the next 5 years.

A good experience working with the Coding Bull team. Organized and able provide everything I requested for my website build.

We tasked the Coding Bull with revamping our site with a new design and layout that better described our business. They nailed the design and then followed it up by running a series of administrative improvements to our Shopify back end. Prompt and always available for consultation.

Justin and Coding Bull have done the most superb job in designing our website! They are obviously very passionate about what they do - always attentive to the details and extremely knowledgeable in their field of expertise. I would highly recommend their service if you ever need any web design related services.

I have had a wonderful experience working with The Coding Bull. Justin is a wizard with digital marketing and the work has been exceptional. Taylorr who is no longer with the company did a wonderful job managing the creation of our company website. Overall the experience has been great and we continue to work along side the coding bull. I plan to have them involved in my current and future business's for a long time.

Non could compare with Coding Bull, as I worked with several local based software design/developer companies. They are super fast on responding question that I had and I had no doubt on their professionalism. I look forward working with Justin & Simon the next 5yrs, 10yrs or even more! Danny Choi Owner, I Am Career City inc.

What makes The Coding Bull stand out from all the other web design companies out there is that they sincerely care about making my website the best it possibly can be. They are not afraid to disagree with me - but they always back up their statements with a logical explanation. Their eye for design is world class. No doubt these guys are on track for success.

These guys are amazing- I highly recommend them. They are professional and knowledgeable, bust most of all CREATIVE! Thank you for your hard work and patience guys!

I hired Justin to create a modern website that fits my company's aesthetic. I've been very pleased with my experience. Justin and his team are thorough, responsive and accountable. They listened to my concerns and made a site I'm very happy with.

Thanks Justin!... and Mo and Mei! You have brought our brand vision to life and taught us so much along the way. We are super excited for a continued collaboration with you guys as our business grows.

Met these guys two years ago wanting to build a website. Justin sounds tech savvy, but they were working out from a house. Even though everything sounds good and all, I wasn't confident in them. Man, my gut feeling tricked me. Couple months ago I was again looking for web design company in the market, these guys showed up first on Google, so I gave Justin a call again. Justin and I did a bit of catching up, and I was impressed by what he has accomplished! New office, new staff member, and he was bragging about the clients that he has signed since we last met. Anyways, long story short: every aspect of my project was completed to my satisfaction and then some. The transparency was also much appreciated as I did not get hit with any extra fees or add-ons without being given the heads up before hand. I would highly recommend The Coding Bull and will definitely be using them again for my marketing campaigns!

Creative, professional, adaptable, and patient. Coding Bull helped us to strategize and realize our digital marketing campaigns from the ground up. From rebuilding our website to generating leads to ranking high on Google, Justin and his team are multifaceted. I am posting this review because I think the reviews left by Darcy Doyle and IC Thrive are unfair. Our project was completed ontime, within budget, and can produce leads at a much better rate. We were getting about 3 to 6 online inquiries a day via our old website, but with the new one that Coding Bull has designed and developed for us, we are getting around 7 to 10 online inquiries a day! I am also impressed by Justin's business mindset. He kept looking out for us during the project to make sure we are not wasting money and time on ideas that sound good but don't work. He was also patient enough to explain the whole digital marketing landscape to my other less tech-savvy partners so that they can also understand how each of our action item is beneficial to the company. To be honest, Coding Bull has impressed us by being the most professional, technically learned, and innovative of all of them. We will definitely continue working with Coding Bull. I highly recommend them to any company that seeks excellence in their calibre. Please take a look at the website that they have designed for us.

Justin and Simon reached out to me because they saw various problems with my website, and explained it to me in a way that I easily understood. I have never given money to someone whom I've never met before, until I met them. They answered all of my questions and built a website that fixed all of the issues in his initial report. They even recommended changes so that my site can be even better. At first I didn't necessarily agree with their way of doing things, but Justin was very willing to listen to my needs and bridged the gap between beauty and functionality. To this date, they offer continued support for my website and I am impressed with their finished product. Heck, my site looks much better than 99% of my competitors, and that's no exaggeration.

Justin and Simon are creative and competent, diligent and disciplined, enthusiastic and ambitious. They did an excellent job rebuilding my website through all phases. I would recommend them highly to others. They have a recipe for success!!!!!

Coding Bull is does an amazing job with online marketing. When we first got in touch with them we had no clue on how online marketing worked and how we were supposed to increase our brand presence. After getting our webpage built by Coding Bull (which is amazing by the way!) Justin and his team went through teaching us how to update and make changes to the website and taught us how to increase our presence online. I would highly recommend them for anybody looking to grow their business.

JODY JACKSON GOLF Justin and Simon had discovered my outdated website and contacted me directly. They explained recommended changes via a Website Analysis and Proposal. The first thing they suggested was that my search rankings were being affected by not having a Meta Description. Secondly, my outdated website was not mobile friendly and with most folks out there searching and using their phone for almost everything these days, this was a big game changer for me. In addition, a couple links were not functioning well and I was missing a Site Map. They were very thorough in their analysis and proposed changes. Beyond more the of the administrative or backend logistics, Justin was suggesting that it needed a modern refresh, with more colourful images and less text. In addition, my contact information was not as bold as it needed to be and a Google Business Page link was missing all together. The process of sending information to The Coding Bull and them completing the work went relatively smooth, they were responsive to my requests especially when we neared our proposed deadline for launch. They built my new website from the ground up, both pulling info from my old one and adding any new info that I gave them. I would recommend The Coding Bull, as I am impressed with my new site and look forward to growing it even more with the addition of cataloged resources, i.e. Video, Podcasts, etc. in the near future.

Justin and the team at Coding Bull were what we were looking for, for years: an online marketing and web development company that is obsessed with analytics and results. They are first class.

The coding bull has helped my painting company tremendously. They have got my phone to ring and not stop ringing. Lead quality is good and the customers are real people. 5/5 would recommend

The boys over at the Coding bull have totally blown our mind with their extremely professional service, insane knowledge of SEO, and simply being straight up nice guys. Always listening to our requests and handling our questions with a smile. I cannot give enough props to this guys. Very Very affordable for the value you receive and our website is already looking, operating, and optimizing better. Thanks guys Jordan Macnab THE MACNABS

Axiom Investments is an independent financial advisory firm based in Hong Kong, now China, for over 20 years. We service high net worth individuals (USD 1M or above) and have established a hard-earned reputation in the wealth management industry. At first, the 12-hour time difference worried my partner and me because I knew we had to communicate a lot, but Justin worked at my firm in Hong Kong for a while. He's responsible and quite resourceful. I had confidence in him. Sure enough, they did a fantastic job of getting back to us with every part of the process. The design and functionality of the website were well put together. Everything was on time. They also made sure the site loads swiftly in China even though our website is required to be hosted in Hong Kong for compliance reason. I am more than thrilled with the website. It has been a great sales tool for my remote regional managers in China. My new hires thought this site cost me an arm and a leg, but Justin gave me a good deal on it. I am more than happy to be the primary reference for Coding Bull's clients in Hong Kong or China if Justin learns to pick up Mandarin soon, haha.

Justin and the team at The Coding Bull were a pleasure to work with. They were responsive to the various requests we had and great at finding creative solutions to achieve the desired results.

Simon and Justin, the founders of The Coding Bull, did an excellent job with our website. They listened to our needs and created a site that far exceeded our expectations. They started work on the website right away and were quick to respond to any of our questions or concerns. If we requested any changes, these suggestions were addressed immediately. I would strongly recommend The Coding Bull to any company looking to upgrade their site or build a brand new one from the ground up. The owners are young, ambitious, and will truly do their best to make your site stand out amongst the competition.

The Coding Bull has been a true pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing our relationship to achieve great results for our business. Throughout the entire web app design and development process, the team demonstrated great communication skills and attention to detail. Whenever we faced a challenge or needed to change direction on something, Justin and Kenneth came up with a solution or alternative to make things work. This is a team that digs in deep and truly puts their best effort in making sure their customers are happy. Thanks guys! Actions speaks louder than words, to see The Coding Bull work log in to period.

Got a website done 3 months ago with an agency in Toronto. The experience wasn't great. The design was poor too. Tried many times telling the company to fix it, but there's never any progress. Had to launch my website anyways, hopefully to get some business. Nothing happened at all. Since my company is a cleaning company, our first impression is very important. I convinced my partner to chip in another budget to revamp the website. Feeling very worried that my budget would be wasted again on BS promises, I interviewed nearly all the local web design agencies. How Coding Bull got my business was that they put a lot more focus on helping me to craft a website for marketing purpose instead of a site that looks good but cannot "pushing" the online visitors to take action. They also helped me to plan out my website's future, so I don't have to rebuild my website if I need to add any big function to my site. I love their analogy about the website planning: you cannot build a house without a basement and trying to add it in 3 years down the road. The new website is perfect, and we are currently engaged with Coding Bull for their performance marketing service! Just started, but I'm confident with their no results no charge promise :D

Sales were so down before I met these guys. Wanted to get a new design for my website and also get some marketing done. Met them for a free consultation . Was happy with what they pitched to me and went ahead , signed with them. They redesigned my website . These guys are the best when it comes to designs. They also did performance marketing where I was charged only for the leads and didn't even need to pay for the ads as they took care of it. My conversion rate improved by 100% in the first month alone. I am very happy with their service. They also have excellent support and are willing to listen to your concerns. Would definitely recommend them.

Coding Bull has designed the website that I have constantly visiones. Great company and highly recommend them!

Coding Bull had provided me with excellent results based on their promises. My high expectations were met by their staff members and their hard work! I definitely recommend Coding Bull! If you ever need your marketing or design done, they are the go to! Thanks Coding Bull team!!

I asked them to build me a website. I love their designs and job was done in a timely manner.

The Coding Bull has been an integral partner for us. They deliver the goods. A results-driven team with expertise to get the job done - if you're looking for help, you should hear with they have to offer for you.

The Coding Bull did a Fantastic job on my website. They educated me the ways to improve my online traffic. It's important as a new realtor I needed to have a proper website that works well, fast, organize, creative but simple. But it also needed to stand out from the rest of all the others websites. The Coding Bull can give you all of that. They are very talented people with great skill in design and technology. Their ideas are fresh and fun. Give them a chance you won't be disappointed! Thank you the team & Mo Zhou for all your help. Many Thanks, Cathy Mai, Macdonald Realty

I found The Coding Bull to be very knowledgeable and flexible in our conversations regarding the website design and development. They have been very adaptable in addressing my goals for RBK Consultants. I would highly recommend their services to any individual who is seeking a professional website, which highlights its essences of his or her philosophy.

The Coding Bull created an amazing website for our company that was beyond our expectations! They made sure every aspect of our ideas went into the website. Mo was very prompt on e-mailing and contacting us whenever we needed a question answered. The team goes above and beyond with their designs and their services. We could not have dreamt of a better company to go with!

Justin was great. His work is awesome and I would recommend him to anyone.

Superb service. Well organized website. Thanks to Justin and Simon!!

The Coding Bull played an integral part in launching our new website. We provided them with designs with which they used to put together our website in an incredibly professional manner. The best part of working with TCB is their staff. They have top notch talent that executed all our very demanding and intricate tasks.

The Coding Bull team is amazing at what they do! Originally, I approached Justin to get some feedback on Web Design & Web Development, and right away I knew I was in good hands. His team put in a lot of effort and work to accommodate my needs and the job was done in a very timely manner. Thank you Coding Bull for creating the website I envisioned!

The web site was a collaborative effort. I am quite satisfied with the result.

Coding Bull is great. It's rare to find someone with their skill and knowledge that also has great communication skills. Plus, they've been around long enough to know the ropes, to give good advice and recommendations, and I know that they're not going to implode in a few months like so many others out there trying to do what he's been doing successfully for years and years. Thanks guys!

I contacted Justin at the Coding Bull for advice and recommendations on managing our SEO better. He completely understood my frustration with Google Ads. More importantly, he came up with a great concept for us and created a new, improved website and SEO campaign. Justin and his team are now an integral part of our business. I highly recommend them to any small business looking to grow and keep up with the ever-changing online marketing strategies. Julie Scott, Pestcheck Pest Control

We've had a great experience with The Coding Bull. Their team has great insight and they are the perfect blend of strategy and creativity. We felt the experience was fluid and easy, they ask the right questions and are very honest in their suggestions. If you're thinking of a web developer to go with, The Coding Bull is the right choice. We look forward to working with you on future projects!

Justin and his team were incredible to work with. They really took my vision for my business and brought it to life with their website design. They were very efficient in responding and taking care of my needs. Along with being efficient they were very creative with their approach and I believe working with a team like The Coding Bull will make you stand out from the rest! I could not be happier with the service and I am forever grateful that I took the leap and hired The Coding Bull to take care of my website. 10/10 Recommend!

Justin and Simon from the Coding Bull reached out to me back when I needed help with our Google AdWords campaign. They explained their plan to me in a way it was easy for us to understand and we asked them to proceed. They were complete in two weeks and they delivered the results that they had told us they would. Now only did they reduce the cost per click of my ads, but we've been getting a significantly higher number phone of calls and very good business from the campaign. His team then analyzed our website and informed me about the various areas of improvement for our SEO and website, and how the site could be improved to convert more AdWords visitors and improve SEO. I then commissioned them to rebuild and redesign our website. The end product is simple, clean, modern, and looks amazing on all mobile devices. I am very excited about the site and highly recommend this web design company to any company.

I am a cellist from Boston. Justin and The Coding Bull designed my website with such high quality of work and innovative creativity. They satisfied my every request and more! I highly recommend The Coding Bull to anyone and everyone who wants their website done right so they can properly showcase their products.

Justin and his web design team have been a great help. I have nothing but praise for their work. They've taken the guesswork out of an often stressful part of business development. I have already recommended this web design company to friends and will continue doing so. The Coding Bull will succeed overwhelmingly if current level of dedication continues. Best of Luck to the whole team!

Working with Coding Bull is effortless. Their web design team has the business savvy to quickly grasp concepts and turn out exceptional visuals with very little revision required - all with the committed deadlines. I can't say enough about the quality, the speed, the attention to detail and the effectiveness of their work. The web design team at Coding Bull deliver a rare combination of creative conceptualization and incredible design. I was beyond thrilled with the final result.

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